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World Puzzle Map (Geography)

The Montessori World Puzzle Map with continents and oceans to introduce children to world Geography.The Map standard dimension is (45 cm x 56 cm) with seven removable puzzle pieces with knobs.Each continents is different colored with standard Montessori colors.The Montessori geography is the lovely piece of the Montessori platform. Shift from base to abstract kids earn their hand on Montessori sandpaper word globes, land and water form apparatus, a world puzzle map. This is a lot of pleasure and learning to be had in this zone. I have to say learning puzzle map activities is my special zone of Montessori education. When introducing the Montessori Puzzle map of world to a kids, I observer the lovely session using peak of nesting boxes to outline the kids spot in the great, large universe. The biggest box peak was the universe ending with the smallest top representing the child. The World Puzzle Map is introduced within the context of geography after you have finish work with land and water forms cards. I introduced the World Puzzle Map after a few lessons on Earth, Water & Air. We are working simultaneously on land and water form models and World Continents Puzzle Map.There is 2 types of Montessori Geography Learning, Physical and cultural geography.The major point of Montessori is to introduced students to the reality that we are the small part of this world.

Age: 3 to 7 years.


Bring the World Puzzle Map and the World Globe to the working zone,This is land. It is a round. The globe is the method for us to show the locations on the land,bring the Puzzle Map of World to working zone,map is another way to show the locations on land. Maps are level, though, not round, like globes. This is the Puzzle Map of world,mention the matching continents, this is Asia. And this is Europe,carry on with remaining continents,back out every one continent carefully and intentionally using the hands,place this on the working carpet,give the kid turn to fix the puzzle together on the working carpet.
Montessori Geography Activity
World Puzzle Map Activity
In a Montessori when kids 3 to 7 years old environment should learn these activities.
They can touch a round sphere and balance its shape to the globe they are used to play with. They build earth and water forms using play dough and fill water in forms. Montessori Words Puzzle maps are lovely and interactive way to introduce geography as kids are enlarge their skills as well as great motor. Montessori World Puzzle Map are signifying to be taken apart and take back together again and again as kids develop an understanding of world continents, oceans, and their respective positioning. Montessori World Puzzle Map direct activities construct kid’s durable memory by physically engaging.


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