Cylinder Blocks Sequence Cards 4 Blocks

Cylinder Blocks Sequence Cards

In this post you can download free Cylinder Blocks Sequence Cards. Students can use these cards to lay out the four sets of Montessori knobbed cylinder Blocks. Sized for standard size cylinders. This PDF set includes 4 cards for matching the heights and diameters of the Montessori Knobbed Cylinder Blocks.

This Cylinder Blocks activity improves the Student’s ability to differentiate between the size, height and dimension of each cylinder block. Because the Student learns the correct terminology, they extend their vocabulary.

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This extension to the cylinder blocks, helps to train the Student’s visual discrimination in size, height and dimension. Known as the cylinder block cards, this resource acts as the control of error. These Cylinder blocks sequence cards encourage children to test themselves independently. They visually match the cylinder to the circle on the card, then select the cylinder they think will match the circles on the card, best. If it matches the cylinder is placed on the circle, if not they try again, until they achieve an accurate match.

These knobbed cylinder blocks sequence cards provide them with the independence to work on their own. The student who struggles with the concept of grading, will improve their skills by practicing this activity.

Cylinder Blocks Sequence Cards

Purpose of Cylinder Blocks Sequence Cards:

  • Self-checking activity, the Student can work alone.
  • Improve hand to eye co-ordination of movement.
  • Train the eye to perceive fine differences in dimensions, size, height and circumference.
  • learn how to grade by size.
  • Recognize difference and similarities (when using more than one set)
Cylinder Blocks Sequence Cards

All Cylinder block sets contain 10 cylinders and are graded in various dimensions linking this material to the mathematics curriculum – referencing the base 10 system. This is a valuable opportunity for your student to physically grade and evaluate material, in terms of size weight. As always another great opportunity to introduce new vocabulary, memory, and fine motor refinement.

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