Knobless Cylinders Pattern Cards 1-3 Sets

Knobless Cylinders pattern cards

In This Post you can download free set of 22 Knobless Cylinders pattern Cards 1- 3 Sets included. These pattern cards to be used with the Montessori knobless cylinders. The patterns are available A3 paper size. So please print out on cardstock A3 paper. It is recommended that you laminate the sheets after printing.

Knobless cylinders  pattern cards

These Knobless cylinders pattern cards will enhance the student’s interest in the Montessori knobless cylinders and help develop new ideas. The cards vary in difficulty starting with one colour pattern that follow the grading of the cylinders to the final patterns which use four colours or have cylinders placed on top of one another to produce a 3D effect. Initially, the student can create the pattern directly on top of the pattern sheet but as they progress they can use the pattern card as a reference and build the structure next to the pattern card.

Knobless cylinders pattern cards

The student look at the knobless cylinders pattern cards and attempt to recreate them using their Montessori knobless cylinders or placing the cylinders directly on the cards. Regardless of the size of your knobless cylinders, you can use these pattern cards. These pattern cards will create renewed interest in the wooden materials. This is important, for the longer the materials are used, the greater the sensorial impressions.

Knobless cylinders pattern cards

Knobless Cylinders Pattern Cards Extension:

These Knobless cylinders pattern cards provide the student with the independence to work with the activity on their own, practicing matching a cylinder to a circle, visually.

The Knobless Cylinder Cards – Set 1- 3, an extension for these sets of Montessori knobless cylinders. Each set of knobless cylinder varies in colour and dimension. The cards are primarily used by the student’s to practice visual discrimination, that happen to use the knobless cylinders.

Purpose of Knobless Cylinders Pattern Cards:

Purpose of the Knobless Cylinder Cards – Set 1-3: train the eye to perceive fine differences in dimensions, size, height and circumference recognize difference and similarities (when using more than one set) improve hand to eye co-ordination of movement self-checking activity, the Student’s can work alone.

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You may print and laminate out as many copies as you like, handy for homeschoolers or teachers in the classroom. You do not have permission to share the digital file or resell the contents digitally or otherwise.

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