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Pink Series Pictures and Words

Free Montessori Pink Series Words and Pictures Cards
This is a great collection of Montessori Pink Series materials.Print on pink or white card stock, cut, laminate, and use in literacy centers. Keep the three sound boards intact; smaller labels are for the three sound boards.
Free PDF Download Here !
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Montessori Practical Life-Dressing Frames Lessons

Introduction To Dressing Frames:
Dear parents and community,the dressing frames are a key Montessori Practical Life.Montessori Practical Life Dressing Frames are a staple in a Montessori classroom.These exercises helps to develop the kid's eye-hand coordination, concentration and independence.If you are looking for frugal ways to preschool, there are ways to produce the work without purchasing the frames. You can create your own Dressing Frame home.Invite a student to come by telling them you have something to show them. Have the child bring the appropriate dressing frame and have them place it on a specific spot on the table you will be working at.These activities make the kid's more independent and therefore more confident.
Below you will find a lessons that will help your kid learn about Montessori Dressing Frames.
Age: 3-5 years Direct aims:
To teach the kids how to buckle and unbuckle.Indirect aims:

To grow the kid's eye hand coordination.To grow the kid's fine motor co…

Trinomial Cube Lesson

Trinomial set Includes: In Set One: The cube composed of 27 wooden cubes which fix together to form the cube of (a + b + c). Every one face that is "a2" is red, "b2" is blue, and "c2" is yellow and all other sides are black.]
AGE: 4 to 7 years
a = 100 b = 10 c = 1 The Formula of Trinomial cube is (a+b)3
    a + b + c
x a + b + c
    a2 + ab + ac
           ab             + b2  + bc
                    ac             + bc      + c2
    a2 +2ab +2ac   +b2 +2bc       +c2
x  a  + b + c
   a3 +2a2b+2a2c  +ab2+2abc    +ac2      
______a2b           +2ab2+2abc          +b3 +2b2c    +bc2
                  +a2c            +2abc +2ac2         + b2c    +2bc2   +c3
    a3+3a2b+3a2c +3ab2+6abc +3ac2+b3 +3b2c   +3bc2    +c3
In Set Two:
Totally like the set one, but in flat wood. There is no colored Sides. AIM: The student, at the session of the absorbent sense, grow a predisposition to understand mathematics. ACTIVITIES: Cube 1: Painted Trinomial Cube Trinomial Cubes is Montessori Sens…

World Puzzle Map (Geography)

The Montessori World Puzzle Map with continents and oceans to introduce children to world Geography.The Map standard dimension is (45 cm x 56 cm) with seven removable puzzle pieces with knobs.Each continents is different colored with standard Montessori colors.The Montessori geography is the lovely piece of the Montessori platform. Shift from base to abstract kids earn their hand on Montessori sandpaper word globes, land and water form apparatus, a world puzzle map. This is a lot of pleasure and learning to be had in this zone. I have to say learning puzzle map activities is my special zone of Montessori education. When introducing the Montessori Puzzle map of world to a kids, I observer the lovely session using peak of nesting boxes to outline the kids spot in the great, large universe. The biggest box peak was the universe ending with the smallest top representing the child. The World Puzzle Map is introduced within the context of geography after you have finish work with land and w…

Montessori Pink Tower Introduction

When the person first tries to make the Montessori Pink Tower, they may not be able to do it just right, they may not be able to control their movements even. Through repetition and improvement of their hand-eye coordination, the person is able to make their hands live in the correct manner. That is the explanation to self-control. When the person masters this ability, they control them self, by overcoming their activities. Montessori Apparatus, like the Pink Tower in the picture given, are designed to assist in visual discrimination by allowing the person to recognize differences in magnitude, breadth, distance, and size.There are lot of Montessori actions that improve the visual meaning, including the Brown Stair, Long Red Rods, Knobbed Cylinders,and color pills. This tangible meaning is also produced in sensorial activities through the use of Touch. Tablets and material feeling, while the auditory meaning is sharpened through the usage of audio Cylinders and Bells. The olfactory me…

Practical Life Activities

The Exercises of MontessoriPractical Lifeactivities bring the foundation for the all other activities in  Montessori school room.In this Post includes all about Daily Practical Life activities.Practical life activities actions represent the activities of daily life and they are needed in all aspects of life.These actions are social and particular to the person's time and place. Possible life activities help give the person a sense of being and belonging, demonstrated through involvement in everyday living with us. Through useful time this person learns about his attitude and about what it is to be human. Mostly the actions of practical life experience revolve in four fields:Caring for the person, Caring for the Environment, prayer & Courtesy and Movement of Objects. There is another country
which encompasses all four fields and which is a very crucial part of useful experience, namely matter. Practical life activities actions are the integral part of any Montessori situation.Mo…

Montessori Grammar Symbols

Montessori Grammar is enjoyable. Montessori Grammar is even better. Inside you will find beautiful Montessori Grammar introduction the kids are sure to enjoy.Montessori built the grammar symbols taking different shapes and colors to busy children. Each "symbol is offer with a story. Phonetic language books are presented when the person is prepared and the students also listen to stories understood by the instructor. The person also teaches sight words in a variety of examples. Another element of Montessori word is grammar symbols. Kids are introduced to grammar after receiving a certain degree of trust with language. Each section of language is paired with a sign or classified with feelings in the class or situation. The person learns to link the grammar signal with this part of language, thereby giving the person one more choice to think parts of speech. Writing (mechanical and imaginative) is taught in the word field. Metal insets change the person’s little motor coordination a…

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