Introduction to Geometric hierarchy of numbers

Geometric hierarchy of numbers

Geometric hierarchy of numbersIn Montessori Geometric hierarchy of numbers is introduce the student’s to the hierarchies of the decimal system beyond one thousand and give a wider understanding of the function of the decimal system and to give an impression of the relationship between numbers, and the relationship of the hierarchies and the categories within the hierarchies. Subconsciously, other things come into the presentation, such as geometric progression: point leading to line, leading to surface or plane, leading to point.

5 To  6 years

Geometric hierarchy of numbers Set Includes :

Geometric hierarchy of numbers set includes 3 green cubes: smallest is .5(cm)3 , 5(cm) 3 (marked with red lines to show the hundreds),50(cm) 3 (marked with red lines to show the hundred-thousands); 2 blue bars/rectangular-prisms: .5x.5x5cm, 5x5x50cm (both bars are divided by green lines into 10 equal sections);2 red square prisms: 5x5x.5cm, 50x50x5cm(both are divided by blue lines into 10 equal sections); set of cards of equal size, printed with1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000
 in incremental sizes; tray to hold the four smallest pieces; large mat or a set of smaller mats.

Geometric hierarchy of numbers

Presentation of Geometric hierarchy of numbers !

Geometric hierarchy of numbers-The idea of a strictly and geometrically organized structure for life is the act of visionary architects. Spatial and architectural structure is highly charged with spiritual and cosmic symbolism but its ratio, organization and power functions rapidly get the upper hand. This daily network projected for Miletos by Hippodamos (two and one-half millennia ago) , brought up again by Thomas More particularly at this municipality of Amaurote, the capital of Utopia ( 1516) , Might be associated with the cosmic symbol of the number 4 and the twelve points.

But it is also the perpetual music of the worlds which, reflected in the geometric harmony of the area, is thought to define the harmony of the strict cultural system (Servier, 1991) . Another simplistic structure that his widely used in utopias is the shape, the foundation of concentric structure. Sign of the infinite, of ideal and cosmic harmony, and this eternal Visual hierarchy is perhaps the easiest to believe of— we note that corners and colour edges represent geometric patterns, which shape characteristics, which come together as creatures, structures, motorcycles and avocados. But we find everything else as stratified also:

Pears are abstracted to yields, which are abstracted to matter. When our minds predict, they are predicting at every level of the wide hierarchy from low point information to higher level concepts, and these predictions may extend multiple varieties of sensory streams. The spate of predictions associated with the general everyday activity may include expectations of the particular internal muscular (proprioceptive) sensations of working our wrist, To the correct idea at the degree of resistance we’ll get through that the thin metal object between our thumb and index finger. 

This is one of the earliest materials(Geometric hierarchy of numbers) presented in the elementary environment, even most especially for the children who did not have primary or who did not get to this material in primary.

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