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Alphabets (A to Z Stories) Reading Comprehension Stories

These Alphabet stories letters A to Z stories reading comprehension worksheet will help children’s build their reading comprehension skills and knowledge of the alphabets letter A to Z stories. Children’s can use these reading comprehension worksheets stories to practice reading skills like reading fluency, slight words, and alphabets letter sounds using these stories.

These worksheets are great opportunity to introduce your children’s to reading passage to answers questions as well as build phonics skills one sound at a time.

How to teach A to Z stories in classroom:

First read the question then read the passage. As you read, circle words that begin with the letter stories. After reading use the passage to help you find the answers to aligned questions.

If the children are reading these passage  it is possible that they are learning alphabets letters sound and reading strategies for the 1st time. Use these worksheets with the guided reading group to build reading fluency. Have children practice reading individually, he can answer the multiple choice questions.

A to Z stories English
                                           A to Z stories English free
A) The ant And the Apple.
B)  The Bird
C) Cal’s Cat
D) Dan and the Dog
E) Eric Eats Eggs
F) Frank the Frog
G) Gaddy The Goat
H) Hal’s Hats
I) The Igloo
J) J-Day
K) Kim and her Kite
L) The Lazy Lion
M) My Mom
N) Numu
O) Otis the Ox
P) The Painter
Q) Hungry and Thirsty
R) Racing Raccoon
S) The Snake
T) Tom’s Toys
U) The Ugly Umbrella
V) Violet Valley
W) Summer and Winter
X) Fairies
Y) Yuki Loves Yellow
Z) The Zither
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