Trinomial Cube Lesson

Trinomial Cube Lesson

Trinomial set Includes:

In Set One: The Trinomial cube lesson set includes  27 wooden cubes which fix together to form the cube of (a + b + c). Every one face that is “a2” is red, “b2” is blue, and “c2” is yellow and all other sides are black.

AGE: 4 to 7 years

a = 100
b = 10
c = 1
The Formula of Trinomial cube is (a + b)3


Trinomial Cube Lesson
Trinomial Cube Lesson

  Formula For Trinomial Cube Lesson (a + b)2

a + b + c
x a + b + c
    a2 + ab + ac
           ab             + b2  + bc
                    ac             + bc      + c2
    a2 +2ab +2ac   +b2 +2bc       +c2
x  a  + b + c
   a3 +2a2b+2a2c  +ab2+2abc    +ac2        

______a2b           +2ab2+2abc          +b3 +2b2c    +bc2
                  +a2c            +2abc +2ac2         + b2c    +2bc2   +c3
    a3+3a2b+3a2c +3ab2+6abc +3ac2+b3 +3b2c   +3bc2    +c3

In Set Two:
Totally like the set one, but in flat wood. There is no colored
The student, at the session of the absorbent sense, grow a
predisposition to understand mathematics.



Cube 1: Painted Trinomial Cube

Trinomial Cubes is Montessori Sensorial Material. Trinomial Cubes come in both hinged and non-hinged boxes. On condition that the box is not hinged, use the given method:
The instructor sits next to the student at a desk. Holding the cover on the box, he turns it upside down on the desk. He raises the box off the cube, and looks
Montessori Trinomial Cube
Trinomial cube

at the other sides of the cube and with the kid. The instructor clear 1 layer of the cube at a time and places it on the desk. If the box is hinged, the instructor may simply begin removing pieces from the hinged box and set off 3 layers on the desk begin with the largest layer and the red cube (a3), the instructor removes item in order and lays out according to the formula. She does the same with the second layer continuing in the arrangement of the formula.

He is alert to place pieces of the same dimension in front of each other. Finally, He choose the piece with the red side, “a2c”, from the 3rd layer and carry on until the entire cube shows the formula in the positioning of pieces on the desk. The student and instructor spend a small time looking at the disburse. Then the instructor rebuilds the cube, layer by layer, starting with “a3”, matching faces of the same color.

The instructor, by the way He address the pieces, helps the student to understand that he is matching faces by color. The student will realize in time that the cubes are also matched by size. The instructor gives help until the student is able to work alone. Most students will need more demonstrations on subsequent days.

Set# 2: Unpainted Trinomial Cube Lesson :
When the student has had enough experience in working with Set#
1, he can use Set # 2. In many cases, the instructor will need to sit
by the student and set out the pieces of the cube as per
formula in an neat way (as with the Set # 1), and rebuild
the cube as the student watches. Here, the sides must be matched by size only.