Botany Nomenclature Cards Printable

Botany Nomenclature Cards

Today i am writing about botany nomenclature cards. The environment decides the shape, size and shape of each leaf. Each kind of leaf shape, is planned in view of an exceptional capacity. Learning the right nomenclature from the beginning further develops the Student’s confidence level and urges them to research more. The botany cards includes 2 sets of 18 leaf shapes on cards. One set with different labels and one control chart labelled at the bottom. The botany cards are produce of 2mm white pvc with the leaf shapes and their labels printed on in green. Below you can preview or download free botany nomenclature cards !


Contents Includes Botany Nomenclature Cards

01) Eighteen arrangements of various leaf shapes

02) a control, quiet card and name shows each leaf separately

03) printed with eco-accommodating ink on non-tear, recyclable card

04) clean the cards off with a moist material, they don’t need overlay

05) conveyed in a plastic compartment with a top

This item shows the Child the right terminology for each state of a leaf. This builds their jargon and information regarding the matter.

Botany Nomenclature 3 Part Cards

How to Use Botany Nomenclature Cards:

 Print out on cardstock paper and cut and laminate the three-part cards. Each leaf shape will have a classified card, a printed slip, and a control card. Mix up the botany nomenclature cards cards and slips. Use your knowledge of the leaf shapes to match the slips to the correct picture. Check your work with the control card.

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