Lifecycle of chickens Puzzles

Life Cycle of Chickens

Today is article will focus on the lifecycle of chickens, all the way from an egg. Chickens have five stages in their lifecycle .You can download free printable pdf and you can make wooden puzzle for chickens lifecycle at home. Lifecycle is quite fascinating for most poultry fanatics. Chicken is such a common sight in a farmyard that they are almost taken for granted. Not many students think twice about them or their lives. Most students eat eggs regularly without thinking about how they are produced. Chicken is interesting creatures that are fascinating to observe. 

There are 5 Stages in a Lifecycle of Chickens :

  1. An embryo in a Egg
  2. A hatching
  3. A chick
  4. A adult
  5. A hen

Eggs are laid by hens, usually every day, although some chickens may only lay every 3 days day. The hen lays a clutch of eggs before she starts to sit or incubate the eggs.

Below you can preview and download free lifecycle of chickens. 


Summary of Lifecycle of chickens:

The lifecycle of a chicken is a snapshot of a fairly intelligent and hard-working creature. These creatures have a structured hierarchy, great memories, are able to learn and give much pleasure to humans. Chickens of today live much longer lives than the barnyard hen used to. Back then the average hen would live only for a few years and would lay fewer eggs than they do today. They had to survive on a poor diet gathering what they could from the barn and surrounding areas.

Lifecycle of Chickens

Advantages of lifecycle of Chickens for your child Development:

  1. Hand Eye coordination
  2. Fine moto ability
  3. topic specific knowledge
  4. Concentration

This life cycle puzzle activity can be enjoyed alone or with friends, teachers and family in group setting. Educational wooden puzzle are wonderful indoor activities. Also chicken life cycle is a wonderful decoration in the house or school and a great way to teach students of all ages about animals and our world.

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