Consonant Digraphs- Worksheets and Word Lists

consonant digraphs

Here’s a consonant digraphs worksheets and word lists which you can also download for free. Diagraphs, also known as Phonograms, are a series of grouped letters that form one new sound when together: ch, sh, th, wh, qu, ph, _ck, _ch, _th, _sh, _ng.

Consonant Digraphs Examples:

Biginning Digraphs sh———————–Ending Digraphs ch

Beginning and Ending Digraphs
consonant digraphs
consonant digraphs worksheets

A digraph is two letters that work together to make a single sound like ch in chair or chop. Additionally, digraphs can be made up of vowels or consonants.

consonant digraphs worksheets
consonant digraphs worksheets printable

Digraphs work together to make unique sounds. Beginning (and struggling) readers typically read these letter combinations with two distinct sounds. For example, sh is frequently read as /s/,/h/ rather than /sh/. 

Consonant Digraphs Word Lists:

Here’s a digraphs word list which you can download free. Below you will find download link.( You need pdf viewer to view and print these files. These lists can be used any time you need some easy to read or easy to build digraphs words. Print and laminate them out and keep them as a reference for small group. You can also use these lists to help build spelling lists, to practice mapping words based on sounds if you follow the science of language in your school.

Word Lists are quite straightforward. Children can read them at their own pace. Word Lists offer the repetition and consistency needed for retention. The diagraph studied can be found at the top of each list.

Example Word Lists:

  • ch : cheese, chair,check, chalk, chew
  • th : thumb, thief, thorn, thermos
  • sh : ship, shell, shop, show, shadow
  • wh : wheat, whiskers, wheel, whale
  • ph : phone, photo,
  • _ck : clock, chick, duck, sock, neck, brick
  • _ch : peach, bench, branch
  • _th : bath, moth, sloth, tooth, teeth
  • _sh : fish, wish, dish, bush, brush, trash
  • _ng: ring, sing, thing, bring
consonant digraphs word lists
consonant digraphs word lists

Consonant Digraphs Printable:

consonant digraphs printable
consonant digraphs printable

Consonant Digraphs are taught early learning education. They come after children have learned short vowel sounds, but before they learn long vowel VCE (vowel, consonant, E) words. Whether student’s should be taught digraphs first varies by teacher with the two being interchangeable.

At Charge Mommy Books, we focus on teaching letter blends first, followed by digraphs. Mastering consonant blends first enables a child to read a broader range of words including digraphs, which enables them to get more practice with digraphs.

I hope you love these free digraphs worksheets and word lists. You can download consonant blends worksheets here

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