CVC Words with Pictures-Printable

cvc words with pictures

CVC Words with pictures (consonant-vowel-consonant) are essential for teaching students to decode, or read, unknown words. In this post you can download free CVC words with pictures and 18 Pink CVC words List. These free printable CVC word with pictures feature colorful imagery and easy to identify middle vowel sounds for practice.

You can download printable from bottom of this post. Print the free printable to use for self-practice or as a fun matching game. CVC words are single-syllable, three-letter words that consist of a consonant-vowel-consonant letter pattern. For example, hat, leg, pin, pot, bus are all CVC words because they are all three letters, can be said in one syllable, and follow the consonant-vowel-consonant letter pattern. The vowel sound in the middle of the word is always the short vowel sound.

cvc words with picture
cvc words with picture

List of CVC words with Pictures:

Below you can view the list of CVC words families you can copy and print if needed. I have organized the list by short vowel sound and in alphabetical order.

Short a

Short ‘a’CVC Words:

-ap:  map, lap, nap, cap, gap,

-ad: tad, sad, pad, mad, lad, had, fad, dad, bad

-at: hat, mat, rat, bat, cat

am: yam, ram, jam, ham, dam, bam

-an: ran, tan, pan, van, man, fan

-ap: zap, yap, tap, sap, rap, nap, map, lap, gap, cap

-at: vat, sat, rat, mat, pat, hat, fat, cat, bat

-ax: wax, tax, max

Short ‘e’CVC Words:

-ed: ned, led, wed, bed

-eg: peg, leg, keg, beg

-en: ken, ten, den, ben, hen, pen

-et: wet, vet, set, pet, net, met, let, jet, get, bet

Short ‘i’CVC Words:

-in: sin, bin, fin, tin, pin

-ig: zig, wig, rig, pig, gig, fig, dig, big

-id: bid, rid

-im: rim, him, dim

-ip: zip, tip, sip, rip, nip, lip, hip, dip

-it: wit, sit, kit, hit, fit, bit

-ix: six, mix, fix

Short ‘o’CVC Words:

-ob: gob, rob, mob, job, sob

-og: dog, jog, log, bog, fog, sog, log

-ot: lot, tot, rot, pot, jot, not, hot, got, dot, rot, tot

-ox: pox, lox, box

Short ‘u’CVC Words:

-ud: mud, dud, cud, bud

-ug: tug, rug, pug, mug, lug, jug, hug, dug, bug

–um: tum, sum, mum, hum, gum, bum

-un: gun, fun, bun, hun, pun, nun, sun, run

-ut: nut, hut, but, rut, cut, jut

cvc words with picture
cvc words with picture

CVC Words Lists:

If you are teaching consonant vowel consonant words, and are looking for a printable CVC words lists, you have come to the right spot. Using cvc Word Lists, student can unintentionally assess their progress through the program.

cvc words list printable
cvc words list printable

Without the interruption of manipulating cards, student should be able to read words with more confidence. CVC words, or consonant vowel consonant words, are normally the first words students learn to write and read. These short vowel words include three sounds, beginning, middle and ending sound.

Kindergarten and first grade teachers use consonant vowels consonant words often in reading and writing instruction. However, sometimes coming up with CVC words with pictures on the spot, or simple short vowel words on the spot can be tricky. That’s why I’ve compiled these handy lists of CVC and short vowel words by vowel sound. Below you can download words list, you need pdf viewer to view these files.

cvc words list
cvc words list

Thank you for downloading. Please email me at [email protected] with any questions or requests or Contact me Here !


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