Pink Language Series Contents Sample File

Pink Language Series

Dear Montessori Professionals, Administrations and Homeschooling Parents, Welcome to Pink Language Series! You Can Download FREE Pink Series Pictures and Words Matching Cards ! This Montessori material is the beginning of the reading program after the student has worked intensively with the Montessori movable alphabets. The series focuses on CVC words  and short Vowels a, e, i, o, u .For Example (hat, peg, pig, log, cup) you can download free but you need PDF viewer to view these files.

Following Activities are included in Pink Language Series:

  1. Pictures and Words Matching Cards
  2. Six Pink Booklets
  3. Eighteen Rhyming Families
  4. Twenty Four Pink Word Lists
  5. Twelve Substitution cards
  6. Thirty Six command cards with mixed vowels
  7. Sixteen Pictures and Phrases cards
  8. Twelve Pictures and Sentences cards
  9. Eight command sentences with mixed vowel words
Pink Language Series Pictures and Words Matching Cards:

You Can Download Pink language Series Pictures and Words Cards file here !

Pink Language Series pictures and words
Pink Language Series pictures and words matching cards

Three letter phonetic picture and word matching cards.

Short ” a ” : cap, bat, van, fan, rat, tap, jam, pan, hat, map, bag, cat.

Short ” e ” : bed, peg, hen, jet, net, pen, web, leg, red, ten, wet, men.

Short ” i ” : fin, pin, jig, kit, bib, kit, kid, lip, zip, bin, lid, rip.

Short ” o ” : pot, top, mop, log, dog, rod, dot, fox, cob, box, cot.

Short ” u ” : bus, bug, pup, tub, bun, mug, rug, hut, sun,¬† bud, gun, jug.

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