Montessori Materials-Introduction to Montessori Materials

 An Introduction to Montessori Materials

The Montessori Materials are beautiful.“ The student should live in an environment of beauty.” Dr Maria Montessori.

What is the Montessori Materials?

The Montessori materials are sensory based learning tools that are designed to provide students with opportunities to discover learning through independent learning, repetition, and practice.

The materials had been scientifically designed through statement then experimentation. Anecdotally, the cause such is the Pink Tower is because Maria Montessori examined Towers of people cubes incrementally developing of greatness beyond 1cm cubed in imitation of x cm cubed between distinct colors, yet Pink was the color adolescents chose near frequently, used purposefully, subjugated and experimented with.

The Montessori materials are to the scholar of sequence, beyond easiest in accordance with hardest, in accordance along their developmental wishes or interests, or within the connection about the ignoble substances so much they pleasure stumble upon as much he growth through the Montessori instruct System.

kids are smart. They’re constantly checking out yet experimenting together with objects or laws that come upon within their world; a toddler drops a spoon from the table a hundred era in accordance with show in conformity with himself the dictation on gravity is infallible. Plastic yet ceramic commend distinct responses to the hand. A baby may throw a sippy joke oversea about frustration, or also abroad over excitement then because fun, but he doesn’t throwing the glass hypocrisy he is devoted between the Montessori classroom. No some needs after tell her so much job wouldn’t cease well.

All the Montessori materials in a Montessori school are organized into one of 5 curriculum areas:

  1. Montessori Practical life 
  2. Montessori Language 
  3. Montessori Mathematics 
  4. Montessori Sensorial 
  5. Montessori Geography/Culture

1.Montessori Practical life:

Montessori Practical Life Materials
Montessori Practical Life

Practical means :basic, useful, purposeful

Life means: the way of living.
The Montessori Practical Life Materials area of the classroom plays a very important role within a Montessori. Montessori practical life materials are the first activities a child is introduced to in a Montessori classroom.
Montessori Practical existence materials load the basis because of the almost primary instruction in the Montessori classroom. From the establishing over Early Childhood, students interact including real-world substances into thoughtful, realistic ways. They explore the fundamentals on their environment then so much it be able attain confidence, then begin in conformity with increase the abilities wished after jump of greater complicated work. 

2.Montessori Language:

Montessori Language Materials
Montessori Language Materials

The student, in fact, once he feels sure of himself, will no longer seek the approval of authority after every step. Dr. Maria Montessori recognized that a student has a natural sensitivity for language development that starts in the womb. Students from 3 to 7 years have a unique fascination for words, written and spoken, they can build a vocabulary from about 200 to 10,000 words over this period.

Language is a approach of verbal exchange for the infant in imitation of be in a position according to specific himself and, postulate the grown-up lets in because of it, after discover language. As Dr. Montessori writes between The Secret of Childhood.

3.Montessori Mathematics:

Montessori Math Materials
Montessori Mathematics Materials

The 1st essential for the student development is concentration. The student who concentrates is immensely happy. The basic concepts of math are learned by a student in 2 ways, either using concrete materials at an age when they enjoy manipulating equipment, or abstractly when they are older and in elementary grades.

Dr. Maria Montessori’s use of the term, ‘The Mathematical Mind,’ refers to the unique tendencies of the human mind, such as order, exactness, exploration, and orientation. Humans also have the unique abilities to imagine, create, and think abstractly. Montessori designed her math materials to incorporate the natural capabilities of a Student’s mathematical mind.

 4.Montessori Sensorial:

Montessori Sensorial Materials
Montessori Sensorial Materials

Education is a natural process carried out by the student and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment. Over the months and years, the student unconsciously absorbs sensorial impressions beside the environment and integrates to them in to his developing personality. Montessori’s educational materials are based on this natural order of growth and are designed to furnish a stimulating, enriching environment to meet the student’s changing needs.

Most of the activities on the sensorial will have an element of visual discrimination to allow the student to classify by size, color and depth, etc. Examples of these are the Pink tower, broad stairs, knobless cylinders, red rods, color tablets sound boxes, knobbed cylinder Blocks and the geometric cabinet.

5.Montessori Geography/Culture:

Montessori Geography Materials
Montessori Geography Materials

As you become more familiar with Montessori materials, you begin to see the elegant philosophy behind how each activity works to build the student’s understanding of the world around her.

Matching and tracing activities continue to build the student’s ability to identify and name individual states, countries within continents, and continents within a world map. Peoples have always needed Geographical knowledge to find shelter and a continuous supply of food and water. People relied on the local knowledge of trails to hunt, pass information and avoid conflict….They adjusted their daily lives to the climate, some using seasonal migration, others developing agriculture to take advantage of the seasons. Using charred sticks or clay they described their knowledge on clay walls to inform others.

The Geography “online magazine” format. Lessons/Materials are listed of the spreadsheet, sequenced the same as much they are within the Montessori Compass online record retaining software. Each lesson/material might also contain more than one elements, which are tagged in accordance with the fabulous association years. In some cases, parent-friendly descriptions desire keep listed, designed in imitation of assist parents reap larger perception in the Montessori school.

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