Zoology Nomenclature Cards Montessori

Zoology Nomenclature cards

In this post you will find free printable sets of zoology nomenclature cards Montessori is for the study of the five classes of vertebrates: fish, bird, amphibians, mammals, and reptiles.  These are meant for introduction AFTER the student have been exposed to real life members of these classes of vertebrates. This is a great set of Montessori zoology manual.

This set comes in your choice of Print or D’nealian font and includes the following:
Parts of the Turtle ::::: turtle, head, eye, nostrils, mouth, neck, carapace, plastron, tail, fore limbs, hind limbs, claws.

Parts of the Fish::::: fish, head, eye, mouth, nostril, gills, torso, dorsal fin, caudal fin, anal fin, pelvic fin, pectoral fin, lateral line, scales.

Parts of the Horse::::: horse, head, eye, forehead, nostril, mouth, neck, forelegs, hooves, shoulder, hind legs, tail, torso, mane, hindquarters, ears.

Parts of the Bird::::: bird, head, beak, eye, body, breast, tail, wing, feet, claws.

Parts of the Frog::::: frog, head, eye, nostrils, mouth, ear, neck, trunk, forelegs, hind legs, feet.

Presentation of Zoology Nomenclature Cards Montessori:

Zoology Nomenclature cards are used after the student has received a lesson on a particular concept. e.g., after the 1st Great Lesson, a student might be interested in learning more about volcanoes. Available on the Montessori geography shelf, are zoology nomenclature cards for the parts of a volcano.

The Montessori directress presents a lesson on using the cards by first laying out the control cards and showing the child how to match the picture and label to the control. Later, a 2nd presentation is given where the student is shown to first match the pictures and labels, checking their work with the control of error cards. Zoology Nomenclature cards are just one of the materials that make a Montessori classroom different from a traditional classroom. Instead of relying on textbooks and copied worksheets, children’s use the zoology nomenclature cards to actively engage in the material. They are a beautiful work that encourages learning of concepts rather than rushing through to ‘finish’ a worksheet. 

Download FREE Zoology Nomenclature Cards Montessori:

Click Here or below image to download Nomenclature cards, This PDF file includes 33 pages and you have to print and laminate on card stock paper.

                                                                Zoology Nomenclature cards set

How to Prepare and Use Zoology Nomenclature Cards Set:

When preparing zoology nomenclature cards, you have to make at least 2 (and sometimes 3) sets of the same material. 1 set is your control set, with the picture and label attached together. The 2nd is the working set. The picture and label are separated and the student matches them. The 3rd cards set can be used to make a definition booklet. The booklet is used after the student has mastered the zoology nomenclature cards and is the template for the child to make their own definition booklet which he would color and label before taking it home.

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